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Webinars:  Get Educated on Education

If the school is not delivering Quality Education and you don’t know what Quality Education is and how it looks, then, your child is not receiving Quality Education. 

Unfortunately, many parents don’t know what they don’t know.  Therefore, we have to educate them on what is needed to ensure a greater probability that their student will receive a Quality Education.

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Quality Education – A Team Effort 

It takes a village to increase the quality of education in our schools.   

  • The quality and level of education affect the overall economic positioning of one in society..  
  • Educating a child means educating a family.  
  • Education within a school is an indicator of the present and future viability of the community.  




ISBN: 9780975991756
From Parent to Power is a guide that 1) educates parents on education and 2) helps parents to parent from Spirit. It’s a transformative book moving parents out of the Human enablers of fear and chaos, in which many parents live, to Spiritual power, which is creative energy. 

From Parent to Power:
Unlocking Your Child’s Full Potential
Cultivating Your Child’s Uniqueness
Helping Your Child Succeed in School









We Help Parents Create Quality Education For Their Children
Since 2001, In My Shoes has educated over 10,000 parents and students helping them to resolve educational concerns and to achieve academic success.  Our goal is to improve education through total involvement. 
We are exclusive in our mission to service, support, educate and help parents resolve educational issues resulting in the highest possible level of Quality Education, which can be attained, maintained and continued that meets the child’s educational needs.

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