Serving, Supporting and Educating Parents on Education


Board of Directors

Phyllis Austin, Founder
Social Entrepreneur

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Angela Cochran
Shirley Holmes
Rev. Sandy Rodgers

About Us


We Help Parents Create Quality Education For Their Children.
Since 2001, In My Shoes has helped over 10,000 parents and students to resolve educational concerns and to achieve academic success.  Our goal is to improve education through total involvement. We are exclusive in our mission to service, support, educate and help parents resolve educational issues resulting in the highest possible level of Quality Education, which can be attained, maintained and continued that
meets the child’s educational needs.

Who We Are?
In My Shoes, Inc is a 501c3 Charitable Organization, with experienced Educational Strategists,  doing business as The National Parent Education Center (TNPEC).

Our Mission To Create, Develop and Expand High Quality Education in the United States, making Quality Education the norm and helping children increase and reach their Greatest Potential.

Mission Statement
To educate parents on education in order for them to help their child increase and reach their greatest potential and get a High Quality Education.

Our Objectives
1. To Educate Parents On Education
2. To Teach Parents How To Recognize Quality Education
3. To Teach Parents How To Create Quality Education For Their Child

Impact Statement:
TNPEC's goal is to make Quality Education the norm. Currently, most State constitutions provide only for adequate education.

Our position:  We support all types of schooling processes that meet the educational needs
of a diverse student population.

Our Goal
To enhance the social, economic, and environmental conditions of its community through education...  In My Shoes, Inc. was established to improve education through a community approach.  We call our approach "Total Involvement".

In My Shoes Inc - The National Parent Education Center will utilize the services of educators,
business owners, volunteers, and other community resources.

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