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(Note:  All seminars discuss topics across the spectrum of home/parenting, school, community, and governmental factors.)

Education Design/Curriculum: K - 12 and your child
This seminar will discuss the Federal, State, District laws/procedure/policy governing education. Schooling v Education
  Is your child destined for success or failure?  Parents will learn about parenting and schooling practices that affect a  child’s successfulness before the child ever opens a book, etc. This seminar will focus on overall curriculum design and change from K -12, etc...including population changes, which affect schooling and education.

Transitioning - Pt. 1 From Private to Public School
This seminar compares and contrasts public and private schools, informs
parents of their rights in public schools, gives effectives strategies
to use in public school education, etc.

Transitioning - Pt. 2 From Elementary to
Middle School
This seminar will look at the schooling, educational, curriculum change from elementary to middle.  In addition, various scenarios will be discussed to get a thorough understanding of the most effective strategies use for success.  Plus, examine the family support needed for this transition, etc.

High/Quality Education and High/Quality Teaching
Parents will learn the criteria for and characteristics of a High Quality Education. High Quality Education begins with High Quality Standards, Expectations, and Teachers. Parents will learn the differences between a Provisional Teacher/non-renewable v Qualified Teacher v Quality Teacher v High Quality Teacher.  Which teacher does your child have?   What is the experience level of your child's teacher?  Parents will learn how to recognize quality work, etc.

Transitioning - Pt. 3  From Middle School to High School
This seminar will look at the schooling, educational, curriculum change from middle to high school.  In addition, various scenarios will be discussed to get a thorough understanding of the most effective strategies use for success.  Plus, examine the family support needed for this transition, etc.

Transitioning - Pt. 4  From High School to College
This seminar will look at the schooling, and educational change from high to college, including academic, social, and safety climate of college life.  In addition, various scenarios will be discussed to get an thorough understanding of the most effective strategies use for success.  Plus, examine the family support needed for this transition.  Key areas in metacognitive, management, diverse culture are discussed, positioning, etc.

Is Your Child Really Succeeding In School - Pt 1: Regress To The Mean
Parents are empowered with knowledge about how a child can earn A's and B's while regressing in a classroom.  Parents will learn how their child's schedule, in relationship with the teacher's schedule, can set the child in a position to regress. Other unique factors will be discussed, which are indicators for regression, etc.

Is Your Child Really Succeeding In School -
Pt 2:  Grade inflation
Grade inflation is the primary reason why high school students with high GPAs are not admitted into college and do not qualify  for academic scholarships.  Parents will learn how to recognize, understand, prevent grade inflation, etc.

Effective Communication - Pt 1
Parents will  learn how to communicate effectively with the school for success - from prevention to resolution, from classroom to central office, etc.  Parents will examine the Code of Ethics for educators, the strategy in writing effective letters and sending emails, etc.

Effective Communication - Pt 2
Parents will learn and examine effective communication strategies for use with children especially. Teenagers, etc.

What you can do if your child failed
Parents are empowered with knowledge on several areas referencing failure and the appeal process:  1. Promotion and Retention Criteria 2. Failure Procedure 3. Differentiated assessment 4. Grade Computation 5. Impact of failure 6. Skill deficiency 7. Strategy for skill mastery

College Entry & Scholarships:  By The Numbers
Parents will understand the meaning behind the umbers that make up the grading scale.  GPA, SAT, and ACT are compared in this video to aid a parent's understanding of how they may be used to determine a child's acceptance into college, earning of a scholarship, etc.

Creating Safe School - Pt. 1
The School Environment
Five contributing factors are examined in this seminar:
1. School Environment  2.Classroom Environment
3.The LAW:  Bullying, NCLB  4. Violence in Society  5.LOVE

Creating Safe School - Pt. 2 Bullying
A thorough understanding of bullying and its affects on the child are examined including recognition, contributing factors, prevention, resolution, consequences. Etc. Plus local, sate, and federal law are examine. 

Helping your child reach full potential/

Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligence
Seminar will examine how to determine your child’s unique way of learning and processing information, how to recognize and strengthen areas of deficiencies and family support on homework, projects, etc. Parents will learn about differentiated multi-leveled teaching, learning, assessment, evaluation, etc.

Classroom Observation/Evaluation
Seminar will focus on preparing a parent to properly observe and evaluate the classroom setting for high quality learning and teaching.  Parents will be given tools to use as they collect data.  Parents will learn what factors to focus in on and how to properly assess and evaluate the data, etc

Effective Advocacy

Let us say it…  We ‘second’ it
For the Parent and Teenager/College Student
This is a very unique seminar designed to be attended by  the parent and teenager/college student.   A comedic tone is implemented to discuss the serious issues of drugs, sex, suicide, self-respect, morals, values etc. Rated PG-13 due to graphic pictures of STI’s and STD’s.  Real case stories are examined.  Not recommended for kids under 13.  Very motivational and inspirational for all who attend, etc  

What tests really assess:  AYP?  NCLB? What you should know before making your school choice decision. Criterion Tests v Norm Reference Tests
Parents will learn the difference between two types of standardized tests and how they are used in NCLB, AYP...including using tests to evaluate, judge, include/exclude students, etc.  In addition, parents will learn how these tests are good indicators on progression and regression of a child.  Note:  Bring a copy of the child's CRCT, ITBS, SAT, PSAT ACT or any other standardized tests results.

School Selection Pt. 1 -  Types of Schools
Choosing the correct type of school for success Can the quality of education be summed up in a name?  Parents, find out what information you can infer about the quality of education in a school from the school's name.  Magnet schools v Small learning career communities v Vocational schools v College Prep v Military Academies, etc.  In this seminar, you will learn and determine the schooling processes needed for your child, which increase the chance of your child being successful...Learn if your child is in the right school to excel and maximize potential.

School Selection Pt. 2 -  Programs/Positioning for success
Choosing the correct program of study and positioning the child for success Parents will learn how to evaluate a program of study for their child, etc.  If you are a parent who selected a school or program for its name, you must take this course.  In this seminar, you will learn how your child will be positioned based on program of study, the factors you need to pay attention to, and how to position your child for success. Do not leave success up to chance...



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