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The following set of videos is to provoke an understanding that everyone (Whites, Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, American Indians, etc. ) had their struggles with access to quality education. 
The best way to view the videos is in the order presented.

Category:  Start of public schools

How public schools started in the South?
Determining our Destiny in Education
(Flash Shockwave Video)
In the North:
Massachusetts has been credited with the start of public schools in 1635.
In the South: Public schools  were started 200+ years later.
Blacks Created Schools and the Literacy Rate Increased when Blacks determined
that they were responsible for the Educational Process of their children. In addition, the
schooling and educational process was started by Blacks, collectively uniting Blacks and initiated the start of
Public Schools in the South for ALL people. DO YOU KNOW THAT?

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 Category: Historic School Desegregation videos

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Mendez v. Westminster/Desegregating California's Schools

Brown: A Landmark Case

Implementing Brown



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